(101): God has a backup plan
(101): Always giving us two of everything…except one heart
(101): Maybe God did this for a reason?
(202): Maybe
(101): Guard ur heart and your tongue
(101): You only get one
(202): And ur nose
(101): And brain

(202): And poom poom

(101): And penis. But not the balls

(101): Cuz the balls come in two *pun intended*
(202): Hmmmm 1 penis; 2 balls
(202): Why?
(101): Hmmmm…..*Deep thoughts*

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(201): I hate u
(101): Lol y?
(201): You’re so random
(101): Sorry bitch. Blame my brain. My thoughts run faster than a kenyan


821s BBM avatar

(101): Wth? Who is that?
(101): And wait… Did he really tattoo an ice cream cone to his face?!
(821): Gucci lol
(821): It is guccccci mane lol
(101): Omg!
(821): Yes  he did lol
(101): Oooooh I get it!  I’ll say “buurrr” too if I had an ice cream cone on my damn face!!!

(101): She needs a stylist
(202): LOL
(101): I’m not trying to be funny
(101): I’m being very serious
(101): And a trainer
(101): She doesn’t have to be skinny…you know? But at least fit
(202): EVL
(202): Ur being very evil
(202): Let her nyash and belly hang jor
(202): Is it your gut?
(101): I’m not
(101): Okay..I’ll send u a pic
(202): Lol k

**Picture Sent**
(101): Okay. Look @ the shoes pls
(202): An artist of public status  Should NOT wear a black garbage bag and aluminum foil slippers
(202): Under ANY circumstance
(101): *washes hands*
(101): *drops mic* walks away

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