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101: Omgosh! I can’t believe this! I’m going through twitter withdrawal for real!! WTF?!?!

201: Hahahahahahahah

101: #FacePalm

201: U read my tweet uhn?

101: May God forgive you

101: I’m here debating…

101: One last tweet.

201: Lmaoooooooooo

101: Faaaaack. This shit must come with a needle






-5 minutes later-

101: Done! Fuck it. I’m back on twitter. You Useless bitch you! *shaking my fist*



101: Question….Please, what is the half-life of a chipotle burrito?


201: LMAO


101: I need to know


201: IDK foo



101:DAMMIT! I’m scared to eat it…. But I don’t want to let it go


201: Lol


101: Stand there and laugh


201: You’re a weirdo



101: If I die, I’ll kill you!

202: Is it wrong to tell a dude I wanna get drunk with him so he can take advantage of me?

101: errrmm…… that sounds illegal.

102: I’m saying…he’s so00 sexy


201: You’re silly.

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101:..I want to be skinny but thick for the wedding

201: Run. Ride ur bike. Jump rope. Do squats. Drink water. Don’t eat after 8 or 9.
101: Bitch that sounds like boot camp!
101: I aint tryna catch a grenade for anyone. I just wanna look good in my wedding dress!
101: Word of advice to ladies I love: if you find a good man who puts a ring on your finger and treats you well, and provides for you….FUCK HIM LIKE A WHORE!!!
101: #thatisall
201: Lmaoooooooooo

101: Trust me. You can get anything…I mean ANYTHING you want
101: Including peace of mind and happiness.

201: What are u doing?
101: Eating
201: Cool
101: Now eating a fruit bar
101: Good shit
201: U just love having shit in ur mouth uhn?
101: Yes I do
201: Lol
101: Last night I had sex, blacked out.¬†Woke up butt ass naked 10 hrs later…good times.

201: : Lololol

101: Good sex is equivalent to taking an ambien/vodka shot

201: I just had a shot

201: N its not equivalent to sex

101: LOL! ooops! wrong bartender biiiitch!

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(101): God has a backup plan
(101): Always giving us two of everything…except one heart
(101): Maybe God did this for a reason?
(202): Maybe
(101): Guard ur heart and your tongue
(101): You only get one
(202): And ur nose
(101): And brain

(202): And poom poom

(101): And penis. But not the balls

(101): Cuz the balls come in two *pun intended*
(202): Hmmmm 1 penis; 2 balls
(202): Why?
(101): Hmmmm…..*Deep thoughts*

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(201): I hate u
(101): Lol y?
(201): You’re so random
(101): Sorry bitch. Blame my brain. My thoughts run faster than a kenyan